New Resident Information

This page provides some basic information that we hope you’ll find useful as you begin your life in Potter. In this guide you will find the names and phone numbers of service providers, local organizations, and information about a few of Potter’s regulations that are designed to promote safety, protect our quality of life, and make ​good neighbors of us all. 

Whether you are planning to live in Potter for only a short time–or for the indefinite future-we hope you will make yourself a part of the community and will enjoy the pleasures of small-town America while you are here.   
Welcome to our community and we hope you join us for the wonderful activities that make our community a great place to live! ​
Water Tower
Contact Numbers

Village Office


Digger’s Hotline


Potter Public Library


Potter Post Office








Memorial Health Center in Sidney

Physicians Clinic

Kimball Health Services

Potter Clinic





Prairie Pines Golf Course


High West Energy (Electricity)



Black Hills Energy (Gas)


Dalton Telephone

Cable TV-Cable Broadband Internet



Telephone & DSL Internet

Sales 866-304-6820

Customer Care


Action Communication

Dial Up & DSL Internet



Potter Dix Public Schools

Potter Site- Jr./Sr. High

Dix Site- Elementary



Potter-Dix Early Learning Facility

308- 879-4586

Fire Hall

Contact Jim Frei for information about renting


Youth Center

Contact Vicki Hilpert for information about renting


Legion Hall

Contact Jerry Steele for information about renting


Potter Rural Cemetery

Contact Hal Enevoldsen for more information



Local Regulations


·         There is a Leash Law for all dogs in the Village. Any dog found running at large in the Village will be impounded by the Animal Control Officer.


·         Dog & Cat Licenses expire biannually on April 30, and may be purchased from the Village Office annually with proof of current Rabies Vaccination. The cost is $7.00 for neutered, spayed or male dogs & cats. The cost is $9.00 for intact female dogs & cats.


·         The storing of unlicensed, inoperable or wrecked vehicles outside for more than 30 days is against the Municipal Code of Potter.


·         It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their property from the middle of the street to the middle of the alley; this includes taking care of the sidewalks, weeds & grass.


·         Grass & weeds must be kept below 12”. Once over 12” it is considered a Public Nuisance and can be removed by the Village at the owner’s expense.


·         Trees must be kept trimmed to a height of at least 8’ above the sidewalk and to at least 14’ above the street.


·         Dumpsters are provided for the residents of Potter and can be found in the alley on most streets. Do not put yard waste, hot ash or tires in the dumpsters. They are emptied every Monday.


·         We have a recycling trailer that is located west of the Depot museum on Front Street. Recyclables that are accepted are #1 & #2 plastics, paper, magazines & aluminum cans. 


·         Building Permits are required, and they must be approved prior to beginning any work.


·         The Village of Potter offers residents the use of an Organic Landfill, which is located just 1 mile north and ½ mile east of town. Grass clippings, garden waste, branches, trees and unpainted wood with no metal may be taken to the landfill. It is open yearly April-October weather permitting.


·         The speed limit in town is 20 mph, and in the school zone it is 15 mph.